We welcome your interest in theBTVFD3. For the past 95 years, hundreds of local citizens have stepped up to train and provide the very best in fire suppression, EMS Care, and Rescue services.

To apply for Membership in the Department, the following information is required.

Approved membership status cannot be granted until the following documents have been completed by you.

  1. Firefighter Application
  2. Process for New Member
  3. Butler Township Beneficiary Form
  4. Drivers License Record Check Form
  5. Personal Accountability System Form
  6. Workers Compensation Form **
  7. Employee’s Workers Compensation Acknowledgement Form **
  8. Sexual Harassment Policy and Signature Form
  9. Workers Compensation Physician Panel List **

Kindly complete items one through eight and return to the attention of Edward A. Kirkwood, Butler Township Manager at the Butler Township Building, 290 South Duffy Road, Butler. Keep item number nine for your records.

If you have any questions, please call Marcie at 724-283-3430, extension 212

** For those printing this application from the Butler Township Website, please pick up your Worker’s Compensation Forms at the Butler Township Building when you drop off your application.


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